Friday, December 9, 2011

Design Proposal

Dear Prospect Plaza, can we gentrify your tenants instead of your site?

I want to rehabilitate the Prospect Plaza site and design an alternative future for this ‘tower in the park’, without gentrifying the land by pushing out the poor. I’d like to explore if it’s possible to gentrify the tenants, instead of the site. To do so, the area should be rezoned in favor of a new economy. An economical boost could be by the legalization of the illegal, already taking place

The recently realised rental units are built in vision of demolition of the towers and gentrification of the site. Since the current status of prospect plaza site is heading towards a full neighborhood scale project any moment now. Therefore should I explore an alternative future from the present status or a past one? Which one would have more meaning as the punctual jumpstart project in the context of the Crown Heights site analysis?

The alternative future should certainly not decrease in density, and there should be a place for all of the former poor tenants. It should also conserve the ‘tower’. Why should we constantly erase every failed chapter in history? Like Interboro or Lacaton and Vasal, I want to explore ways of reintegrating this typology, instead of simply demolishing it.

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